Hand Sculpted



Price:  $175  Number: 1245
Name: Jack and Junior
19Inches tall.  These adorable little fellas are hand-sculpted and Junior’s hanging out with Dad while he goes to visit the carrot patch.  He’s got a butterfly in his basket.   Dad is wearing mauve and tan overalls and wears a straw hat.
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Price:  $396  Number: 795
Name: Nicholas in Blue
 25 Inches tall.  This Victorian-style Santa wears a coat of blue satin with silver threads.  Carries a toy bag on his back full of gifts, candy, and a teddy bear and a tree.  He’s hand sculpted from polymer clay.  He carries a basket full of fruit, a toboggan sled, and a Victorian doll.  His hat and coat are trimmed with white fox fur.
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Price:  $750  Number: 958
Name: Mandan Hidatsa Man
 24 Inches tall.  This Indian is hand sculpted and completely dressed with shirt€, pants, and moccasins, leather robe which represents a buffalo hide with hand-painted sunbursts.   The hat is made of rawhide and trimmed with fur representing buffalo hide.  His hair is made from horse hair.  He wears a shoulder cape of real fur.
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Price:  $575  Number: 795
Name: Santa On Tricycle
 24 Inches tall.  This Santa is hand-sculpted from polymer clay.  He’s wearing a red velvet pantsuit with white rabbit fur trim, black leather belt, and black laced boots.  His bicycle basket is full of toys and goodies.  He also carries a big bag of goodies on back fender of his bicycle.  He is one of a kind.
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Price:  $375  Number: 1114
Name: Mrs. Claus
 22 Inches tall.  Mrs. Claus is hand sculpted and wears a hand-made red velvet dressed trimmed with rabbit fur and white cotton ball trim.  The apron is laced-trimmed cotton with red and white ribbon flower trim.  The basket is full of candy canes and lots of other Christmas goodies.  Her bonnet is an old-fashioned head dress trimmed with lace.  Her hair is made of mohair.
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Price:  $375  Number: 1145
Name: I Got the Yule Log
 18 Inches tall.  This jolly fellow wears black boots, green corduroy pants and wears a red and white knit sweater, black and red checkered jacket with a wool neck scarf and wears a black and red checkered hat with wool trim.  There are many cut logs on the back of the sled with one being the Yule log.  He carries a saw to complete his work.
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Price:  $425  Number: 1173
Name: Mrs. Goose and Grandma
 24 Inches tall.  Grandma is hand sculpted with wire armature and cloth body.  She wears a button vest, white muslin slip with lace.  The shirt is pink and white-striped satin with blue bows.  He pink cape is trimmed with buttons and lace.  She carries a baby doll and story book.  Mrs. Goose wears a frilly purple hat and has little chicks waiting at her feet.
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Price:  $525  Number: 1180
Name: Jolly Nick
 27 Inches tall.  SOLD, but can make one similar.

He’s hand sculpted wearing red velvet pants and jacket with sheep’s trim.  He carries a doll and a bag of marble in his right hand.  He carries a green bag over his left shoulder with a horn, checkerboard, baseball glove and much, much more.
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Price:  $535  Number: 1186
Name: Walter on White Bear.  SOLD, but can make one similar.
 23 Inches high, 21 Inches long.  Walter wears white leather shirt, pants, and shoes trimmed with sheepskin, fox, coyote and feathers.  He’s wearing a turquoise necklace.  He harness is trimmed with pinecone, gold aspen leaves and turquoise.  He is carrying skis, antlers, a sled, rusted bucket with fruit, packages, berries, bread, and much more.  He carries a lantern in his left hand.
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Price:  $525  Number: 1191
Name: Baker Santa
 27 Inches tall.  This Santa is wearing velvet pants, red and white striped cotton shirt, hat, apron, and striped socks with black shoes.  His shoes have handmade star cookie-shaped buckles.  He’s baking at a handmade table, making a gingerbread house using a pastry bag.  There are bags of flour and sugar at the base of the table and a bucket of candy canes hanging beside two bottles of wine.
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1195       1195b        1195d

1216       1216c        1216d

 1217      1217d        1217c

 1220d       1220b       1220

 1221c     1221b    

9853b      9853c      9853

Irish Green Santa (#1130)

9859      9859b      1130c

This little fella is approximately 22″

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