Santas Legends & More


 Growing up was an adventure! My Father was in construction; likewise, we moved where the job took him. There was just my folks and one sister, so we really had a close relationship and Christmas was a very special season. We really didn’t have a lot of gifts, usually one special one under the tree that we had asked Santa to bring, and of course there was always a stocking full of fruit, nuts and candy. Dinner was usually just the four of us and we had a great Christmas Day. I believe my love of the Christmas season began with my humble but wonderful beginnings at home, which was carried on to my children and also now with the creation of Santa’s and the little people I’m making.

I have had a life-long interest and love in arts and crafts, beginning with my grandmother, who was a professional oil painting artist. Whenever we had the chance to visit with her, she would always have the time to help me draw a picture or paint one.

After raising my family, and with them successfully out on their own, I’m beginning a new journey, one that allows me the opportunity to create and learn a whole new art. I have attended sculpting classes from master doll artists and the Denver Art Institute; the rest has been guess and by-golly, always with eagerness to learn more and share if I can.

I have taken 1st and 2nd place at doll shows in Denver and Best of Show at a New Mexico art show. My most heart-warming award is the wonderful compliments I have received from persons who have adopted one of my little people.

I spend many hours hunting for different fabrics, embellishments, and goodies to use. I can spend hours looking from store to store and absolutely have a sleepless night before a gift show is coming to town in anticipation of so many new things to look at much of the fur and leather used is recycled. That is a job in itself, trying to find fur in the middle of July, but fun looking for one never knows what special little treasure will be found to use for a new creation.

No two dolls are exactly alike. All clothing is hand-sewn except for some jeans that are used for a Cowboy Santa style. Many embellishments and toys are handmade. I enjoy the challenge of new projects and especially enjoy woodworking. Some dolls are sculpted from polymer clay.Some are created from porcelain. The hands were sculpted from polymer clay then molded in silicone and poured in resin. I have done the hands this way to help prevent breakage.